United States Presidential Election 2012


The 2012 united states presidential election is scheduled to be held on Tuesday, November 6,2012.It is the 57th presidential election in which presidential electors will officially elect the president and vice president of the united state on December 17,2012, will be chosen.

President Barack Obama and democratic vice president Joe Biden are running for  a second term during this election. The nominees for the election are Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan,Gary Johnson,Jill Stein,Virgil Goode and Rocky Anderson.
Election Campaign: The commission on presidential debates announced four debates. The first debates took place at the university of Denver on Wednesday October 3.
An independent president debate featuring minor party candidates took place on Tuesday October 23, at University club of Chicago in Chicago. Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, Virgil Goode and Rocky Anderson were the participants. The election was began in mid October and it ended on Tuesday, November 4.
After a few month of campaigning, between president Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, voters headed to poll across the country on Tuesday to give their jury decision.
Final National NBC/WSJ poll before Tuesday. Barack Obama is having 48% voters and Mitt Romney is 47% voters.
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