UK Doctors saved a life by using Alcohol

UK Doctors have saved a life by using a shocking method of treatment to a person. A shot of neat alcohol was used to treat a patient as there was no other option left to the doctors when the patient does not want to go from there without getting cure.
Ronald Aldom, 77, from Portishead a nearby town from Bristol, he was suffering from an unusual rhythm of heart which is called ventricular tachychardia which can lead to death if it is ignored or not checked. Doctors were trying their best effort to cure that with their standard method which is usually used by them but there was no positive results coming out. They turn to use pure alcohol to trigger a controlled heart attack and kill some of his heart muscle which is causing problem to heart.
This method is used by passing a catheter into a blood vessel in the groin and guiding it up towards the heart. Ethanol dose can be delivered after the catheter identifies that from which part of the heart the dangerous rhythms are coming from. This kills the area of effected muscles which is causing problem to the heart and allowing the hearts rhythms to return to normal.
Dr. Tom Johnson who is the cardiologist in Bristol Heart Institute carried out the method to save Mr Ronald life, he said Mr Ronald is much better than before.
Mr Ronald is in better condition now and said: “I think it’s wonderful that the doctors tried everything to help me, if they haven’t have done this i wouldn’t be there now”.
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