The Newsnight ‘Documentary’ Put BBC in Crises


London: The BBC was in great disturbance on Sunday after its top executive resigned on Saturday night after “The Newsnight” show reported wrongly accused a British politician in a child sex abuse scandal.
After just two months in the job, Mr. George Entwistle decision of resignation thrown BBC into its deepest-ever crisis left its leaderless at the time of support.
In a brief statement outside BBC headquarters George Entwistle said he decided to do the “honorable thing” and step down after just eight weeks in the job.
He told reporters, When I was appointed to the Director General , with 23 years of experience as producer and leader at the BBC, I wasconfident that trustees had chosen the best candidate for the post and the right person to tackle the challenges and opportunities ahead. “The wholly exceptional events of the past few weeks have led me to conclude that the BBC should appoint a new leader,”he said.
To have been the director-general of the BBC even for a short period, and in the most challenging of circumstances, has been a great honor.”
Mr Entwistle’s resignation follows a Newsnight broadcast on 2nd November, 2012 in which they had wrongly implicating a senior Conservative party figure in abuse at a Welsh children’s home in the 1970s.
The director-general said that although he was not aware of last week’s Newsnight report before it was aired, quitting was “the honorable thing to do” since he was the BBC’s editor-in-chief, and ultimately responsible for all output.
The BBC Trust’s chairman, Chris Patten, called Saturday “one of the saddest evenings of my public life” but praised Entwistle’s ”honor and courage” in tendering his resignation.

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