Skulls Like ‘Alien’ Found In Mexico

Archaeologists have found 25 ‘alien’ looking human skulls with in a cemetery in the northwest state of Sonora in Mexico. In that 25 skeleton 17 of the contained the remains of children, aged between infancy and 16 years. It is the first pre-Hispanic cemetery found in the northern Mexican state of Sonora.
Cristina Garcia Moreno, who worked on the excavation project with Arizona state University, which analyzed the bones said that some of the skulls showed “deformities” and the bones are around 1,000 years old, dating from 945 A.D to 1308 A.D. And she also mentioned that “we don’t know why this population specifically deformed their heads.
Moreno said that scientists had found skulls in other parts of Mexico,that also showed similar deformities in certain groups of people, including Guasava, South of Sonara . Scientists believe that they put wood on the front and back of individual’s heads and wrapped the wood with bands to exert pressure on the skull.
In some part of Mexico, people deformed their heads because they wanted to differentiate important people or they wanted to distinguish people from one group to another group. Moreno said that skull like this had never found before in Sonora, and that many of the skeletons was of children found in the cemetery.
Researchers are currently working to find more burial sites in the area in the hopes that they will discover more about the customs of those buried there.

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