Obama Meets Wen, Focuses On Strategic Security

Prime minister of the china Wen Jiabao met us president Obama on Tuesday at the East Asia summit in Cambodia. Wen said us china relationship is the most important bond in the world and their uniform growth is good for global peace and stability and he expressed that the U.S and China will deliver a positive message to world. Wen gave more importance to the partnership of U.S and China on mutual respect and the bond between them like strategic  security and economic dialogue.
President Obama said he is committed to work with China as U.S China relationship is most important to the security and prosperity of the Asia-Pacific region and the world.He said world two largest economies shoulder special responsibilities and play a leading role to promoting sustainable development in Asia and the world.
Wen congratulated Obama for his victory in re election with best wishes, and said you have set out your vision on many occasion that you want to lead United States to address various challenges more effectively,in particular to boost the economy,to create more job,and to enhance international security and cooperation.i wish you all the best.Wen said by adding the relationship of the U.S-China relationship is the best relationship in the world
Wen said this bilateral mechanism relationship US -China will show the world they would continuously strengthen economic and trade cooperation ,understanding ,deal with difficulties and settle differences via large scale economic and financial cooperation and improve the communication and consultations on international and regional affairs.
In summit Obama held discussion with japan prime minister Yoshihiko Noda and leaders of southeast Asian nation leaders. ASEAN leaders had put a question asking about how to handle a bitter territorial dispute in the south China Sea and what role U.S should play in resolving it.
At the end of final statement ,U.S and ASEAN leaders said they are elevating the annual leaders meeting to a summit.

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