Natural Gas Explosion 18 Were Injured

Springfield: A natural gas explosion has destroyed a strip club and damaged a dozen other buildings in one of New England’s biggest cities. 18 people were injured. An hour before the explosion the firefighters, police officers and gas company workers were reached to the explosion area as gas leak and smell of gas reported. The officials had already evacuated strip club as gas leak and smell of gas reported before the explosion.
The blast due to the gas leak was able to heard from miles and it left large holes in the ground. Explosion caused damaged of multistory building, Gentleman’s Club and debris scattered over several blocks. The investigator were trying to find out what is the causes of Friday evening blast. Teams of inspectors on Saturday were scheduled to assess the level of damage to other buildings in downtown Springfield.
Lt. Gov. Tim Murray said at a news conference that “This is a miracle on Worthington street that no one killed.”
The explosion blew out windows in a three-block radius, causing three building very badly damaged and also the emergency workers were evacuated a six-story apartment building that was close to the explosion area.
Investigation has begun for the causes of explosion as well as possible origin by the Coan and the state’s Department of Public Utilities .
Sheila Doiron, a spokeswoman for Columbia Gas or Massachusetts, said the company will continue to monitor for any potential leaks within several blocks of the several blast site. She said the company had already scanned the area and had not yet found any measurable readings.
Officials said that victims were taken to the hospitals in the city and none of them injuries was considered life-threatening. Those injured were nine firefighter, two police officers, four Columbia Gas workers, two civilians and another city employee.

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