Ms.Park Won The Election As First Female President In South Korea


Soel (South Korea): President election in south Korea won by the daughter of former dictator Park Geun-hye. Ms. Park defeated Moon Jae-in  and now she is the first female president in south Korea history. There was huge crowd throughout the day to choose the president of South Korea between Ms. Park and Mr. Moon Jae-in.

Mr. Moon has admitted his failure against Ms Park before the votes are declared, he turnout before the polls get declared. Ms. Park will replace Lee Myung-bak as the law requires after finish of five year term of president on February 15 2013 . Mr. Myung-bak congratulated Ms Park on her victory and wishes her good luck.

Ms. Park said ” i will keep all the promises which i have made, This is considered a victory for people who want to overcome crisis and revive the economy of the country.I will never forget the will of the people who believed in me wherever i went during the election campaign”.

Supporters and Many people are saying that Ms. Park election will give a real social change in South Korea.

Park promised that she wont keep any difference between the rich and poor citizen of South Korea and she will be same for every citizen and help them by coming forward.

After the turnout of Mr. Moon polls closed the combined figures were given Ms Park 50.1% of the vote and Mr. Moon 48.9% of the vote , but the results are not yet confirmed by the country’s National Election Commission.

Younger voters preferred Mr. Moon whereas older voter favored Ms. Park which made Ms. Park The President of South Korea.


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