John Kerry Nominated For Secretary Of State By President Barack Obama

Washington: US President Barack Obama is going to nominate  the former presidential candidate who is the chairman of Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Sen. John Kerry to be the next secretary of the state, said by a senior administration official.Mr. John Kerry may replace Mr. Hillary Clinton who is is the present secretary of the state. Mr. John Kerry is man who is  most experience, gravitas and relationship building skills that can help him to succeed over Hillary Clinton.
Mr. John Kerry has traveled many places on behalf of US President Barack Obama administration.most important he traveled to Pakistan for many incident  and also for the operation of killing al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden. He is having a good relationship with the US President Barack Obama.
Mr. John Kerry  has many supports from Republican and as well with Democrats.The nomination of the secretary chair will be sent to the Senate for confirmation.
Mr. Nicholas Burns who is the former career ambassador said “There are very rare people with such experience and dedication over a long period of time to the country, he will be very, very impressive choice”. Mr Nicholas Burns ,he have served every secretary of the state since Warren Christopher,recently he was undersecretary for political affairs under Condoleezza Rice.
Mr Nicholas Burns said in an interview “You really need someone who is a renaissance person with a tremendous range of skill, both political and substantive, with a deep reservoir of knowledge, You need someone who can drill several layers deep on foreign policy issues.”
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