Israel Fires ‘Warning Shot’ into Syria


Turkey: Israeli forces have fired warning shot into Syria after a mortar round fired from Syria hits an Israeli post in the Golan Heights. It is the first time that Israel has fired on Syrian forces on Sunday since Middle East war of 1972.
Golan Heights adjacent to the Israel-Syria border, as part of the internal conflict inside Syria. Golan heights occupied by Israeli was hit by Syrian. The Israeli military said the mortar fire caused no injuries or damage at the post in the Golan Heights,which Israeli captured from Syria in the 1967 Mideast war and then it become territory. But incidents of fire from Syria have multiplied, leading Israel to warn that it holds Syria responsible for fire on Israeli-held territory.
An army spokeswoman said that ” we answered with a warning shot toward Syrian areas. We understand this was a mistake and was not meant to target Israel and then that is why we fired a warning shot in retaliation.”
The two countries are formally at war and a UN force guards the buffer zone. The Israel Defense Forces have filed a complaint through the UN forces operating in the area, stating that fire emanating from Syria into Israel will not be tolerated and “shall be responded to with severity”.
In a statement posted on its website on Saturday, the IDF said the “mortar shell hit an IDF post in the Golan Heights adjacent to the Israel-Syria border, as part of the internal conflict inside Syria”.
No damage or injuries were reported, but in response, “IDF soldiers fired warning shots towards Syrian areas”.
Last week the Israeli army said three Syrian tanks had entered the demilitarized buffer zone in the area to tackle rebel fighters.
Israel complained to the UN peacekeeping force and military chief of staff  Benny Gantz visited the Golan, warning troops to be on high alert and to prevent the conflict in Syria from crossing the border.

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