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Guatemala City: A 7.4 magnitude earthquake attacked the country’s Pacific Coast, Guatemala on Wednesday , killing at least 48 people in two states. Many people have lost their life and family in this natural disaster.The number of dead people is rising. Till now 52 people dead, 22 is missing and rescue workers are searching the rubble. More than 700 people were in shelters. As the quake, which hit at 10:35 a.m. in the midst of the work , it caused terror among the people in wide area, and loss of life and property in the 22 states of Guatemala’s. And also shaking felt as far as Maxico City, 600 miles to the northwest. 
In news conference president Otto Perez Molina said that 40 people died in the states of San Marcos an eight more were killed in the neighboring state of Quetzaltenango. San Marcos, more than 30 homes collapsed. The President said the government would pay for the funeral of all victims in the affected region. The earthquake was 20 miles deep, was centered 15 miles off the coastal town of Champerico and 100 miles southwest of Guatemala City. This earthquake was the strongest earthquake to hit Guatemala since a 1976 earthquake that killed 23,000.
The government of Guatemalan is providing the food ,shelter, medical and emergency facilities. Government has sent 44 tonnes of humanitarian aid to San Marcos for the victims. San Marcos is the hardest hit area . Hospital officials in San Marcos said they had received 150 injured. The President requested people to stay put as emergency crew try to reach victim on the few roads which are not blocked by landslides. he also encouraged people in the affected areas to stay outside and away from tall buildings.

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