Crossing India, South Africa Wants To Grow Its Own Industry

Durban, South Africa- The South African government  is hoping to grow its own industry of call center. At present India may be world leader in the call centers but in future South Africa can leads this leadership.
Many companies  like Amazon and Aegis are among the internationally renowned companies using South African call center. British company Coracall has also opened a call center in South Africa.
One CEO of a company says “The main reason for coming to South Africa was pool of talent, with regards to the employees we could bring in.”
The South African government wants to attract more companies and also wants to grow its own domestic industry. However for the growth of its own domestic industry, many
of financial investors are introduced. Companies are now providing training as well as tax breaks for job creation.
Growth of call centers in South Africa has made the industry much more competitive. South Africa can now compete with the other countries like India and Philippines.
According to South Africa’s national association for companies operating in the “Business Process Service and Outsourcing” market, this competitive edge is beginning to deliver results.
The industry has grown very fast over the last 10 years. This industry is growing at a time when South Africa is struggling with unemployment. It have developed very fast from just domestic operators to at least six new entrants from UK entering South Africa over the last 24 months.

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